Saturday, 24 July 2010

Foyles Twitter Comps

Foyles has a run a few competitions on Twitter this week, including #bookband and #bookflower. Simply mash up a book with band name or flower. So as a lazy way to create a new post here are some I like.


Girl with the Pearl Jam Earring

Jane Aerosmith

The Curious Incident of the Snoop Dog in the Night-time.


A brief history of Thyme

Carter Beats The Daffodil

The Holly bible

My entry was a bit rubbish, The Rhododendron. Hang my head in shame.

I'm sure they'll be doing some more. Possibly. So best get on to twitter and follow @foyles, you can see all the other entries as well. Or pop down to the South Bank and visit the shop. I was there a few weeks ago and fell asleep on the fake grassy bit outside. They probably thought I was a tramp.