Friday, 30 July 2010

The True confessions of Lauren the Bookmonkey

Hi all!

I realise you haven’t been hearing too much from me at the moment so I thought I would put up a post. I would love to say I have been industriously and solely working on my own manuscript this whole summer or curling up with several good novels but this simply isn’t true.

I seem to have been spending a large amount of time indulging in picnics and barbecues, piously saying to Mark ‘The diet begins tomorrow,’ on an almost daily basis! I have also been loving the summer sales as a self-confessed shopper and yes, Monsoon changing rooms seem to have been beckoning! I bought a gorgeous green and turquoise summer dress there the other week. I was going to put up a picture but technology and I have a turbulent relationship and I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Don’t fear though, I have started our next book Lyrics Alley and am really enjoying it thus far. Mark and I should have our reviews up in the near future with a few more reviews from friends who are also avid readers. Hope your reading is going well and you enjoyed our book review on The Weekend.

So with the resolution to shop less and start the diet tomorrow, I’ll sign off for now!

Happy reading!!