Monday, 23 August 2010

An Object of Beauty, Steve Martin: Our Next Book Review with Some Bonus Canoe Related Stuff

Steve Martin - genius
Yes, that's right! Our next book review is by the comic genius who portrayed Ruprecht in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. It is only as I grow older that I truly appreciate the puerile silliness of that character.

An Object of Beauty is some kind of intriguing tale revolving around New York's art scene. And it has pictures! My kind of book. So we should have the review done in about 3 or 4 weeks.

After that we'll have something a little different. Then you'll realise all this has been a cunning plan so I have an excuse to read a certain book. Bwahahahaha! But you'll have to wait a bit to find out what that is...

An Object of Beauty is scheduled to be published in November

Bonus Canoe Related Content
Roughing it.
On the weekend I went on an exciting canoeing adventure. 30 miles down the river Wye through the wilds of Wales into the haunted grasslands of Herefordshire. Our thoughts turned to higher things as we moved further from civilisation. We came to various conclusion that I won't bore you with but a few of us had read The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ. Now if you don't like anyone messing with the story of Jesus this book isn't for you. Otherwise you'll find an interesting and thought provoking re-imagining (just like Battle Star Galactica) of the life of Jesus*.

but if you can't handle that don't read it.

As for the Canoeing we went from Glasbury to Hereford over two days, camped at Bycross Farm site which was great.



*I mean that the life of Jesus has been 're-imagined' by Philip Pullman not that Battle Star Galactica was a re-imagining of the life of Jesus.