Monday, 30 August 2010

A Winning Streak!

Hi all, I thought I would provide you with a few highlights of my August bank
holiday. Sadly, for all those ladies out there who read Mark’s last post the ‘winning
streak’ I refer to does not involve Mark taking to the pitch at the rugby. Fuelled by
alcohol and the excitement of the Woman’s Rugby World Cup there was a certain
amount of banter but we managed to keep a cap on any patriotic nudity! Wales v
New Zealand proved an exciting game with Mark handling Wales’ defeat with dignity
and a few well chosen expletives! The speed, skill and strength of some of those girls
playing was amazing. A stunning win to England against the USA finished off the
day. We left for home mostly happy, Mark carefully tucking his Welsh flag back in
his bag.

Sunday led to a win of a different sort. The local pub quiz beckoned with its £100
prize for the winning team. Armed with a few friends we strode to victory. Imagine
our jubilation when ten of the questions involved naming the five characters in Enid
Blyton’s Famous Five and naming the first five Harry Potter books. Knowledge of
children’s books had never been so important. It really does pay to read. Thank the
Lord for literary rounds!

Speaking of reading Mark and I have begun Steve Martin’s An Object of Beauty so
keep watching for our next review.

Hope you all had a good bank holiday and that a little winning streak enters your
week ahead!