Monday, 6 September 2010

The Grinning Bridesmaid

Hi all!

I am quite excited as in 2 weeks I get to be bridesmaid for the first time at a best friend’s wedding blessing. Yesterday was spent trying on my dress alongside my other best friend who is also bridesmaid. We cooed, twirled, posed and generally would have made any self-respecting male sick with our girlish chatter. I am proud to say that I was with my friend when she met her future husband in a dank and dingy nightclub where my friend and I threw some hideous shapes and never thought they would woo her husband to be. I’m surprised my deranged grinning when they started talking didn’t deter him slightly. Full marks for perseverance. I’m sure I will be reaching for the Kleenex as I witness their blessing and telling anyone that will listen
that if it wasn’t for me, well, we wouldn’t be here!

Just hoping that I don’t fall over when walking down the aisle, sneeze inappropriately, snort with laughter or suffer any other embarrassing misfortune.

If I’ve put you in the mood for a wedding and you enjoy chick lit, why not try Katie Fforde’s novel Wedding Season which follows the life of a wedding planner who doesn’t believe in love and her two friends, also dubious about love. Follow their adventures and choice encounters. This is the perfect read for a holiday or as light escapism from work.

Finally, speaking of celebrations and suchlike, a HUGE well done to Mark who completed his 15 mile walk for the British Heart Foundation. Truly impressive. Sporty and socially minded as well as literary. I say! Have fab weeks and read lots!!