Friday, 3 September 2010

I've Been Lurking about in the Dark

It looks smaller from Earth
The last two nights I've been getting a crick in my neck watching the International Space Station pass over head. In fact I've just come in after watching it sail serenely through the sky to the sweet music of the neighbourhood harpies discussing their disturbing sex lives.

I've been prompted into this viewing by @DrLucyRogers on twitter who has been rousing people into standing about in the cold. Make sure you wave to the ISS or she'll put the slap down on you.

Last night Lauren offered to take me up to the space station. I'm not sure how she'll manage that but Dr Lucy Roger's book It's ONLY Rocket Science might help. It is a guide to building the rocket, planning the mission and getting home again. Maybe I should buy it for Lauren to help her out...

The next pass of the ISS is tomorrow night at about 20:10, from the West. It's a steady white light that will progress from the horizon right over your head to disappear into the East. It doesn't flash like a plane.

I'm walking 15 miles on Sunday for the British Heart Foundation. Give me a couple of quid here.