Saturday, 11 September 2010

An Object of Beauty, Steve Martin: A Foxy Lady Sells Lots of Paintings

An object of Beauty is an enjoyable romp (and there is a fair bit of romping) through the New York art world through the 90s and early 00s. it follows the career of Lacey, the world's most beautiful woman (she seems to be that from the book), through the eyes of her friend, a dull art journalist.

Telling the story of someone through another person's eyes is a bit odd at times but the it generally ticks along quite nicely. Lacey looks at some pictures, talks to some people, shows off her brilliance. She moves up and on in the world.

The story is punctuated with pictures of the art involved which is quite good and while reading it I started noticing the Gallery adverts at train stations a lot more. I also became a lot more pretentious.

The story is broken by a mystery event early on. Lacey and the boring journalist get up to something after which Lacey becomes a lot more wealthy. It'll take you all of 2 seconds to work out what this event is. There is another mini mystery in the middle that is unsatisfactory.

So you are left with an enjoyable story about one girl who builds herself a mini art empire. Steve Martin makes the story easy to read with plenty of witty dialogue. There is a good bit of foreshadowing involving one of the pictures featured but you'll have to guess which one along with whether the title refers to Lacey or the art.

An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin is released in November. It is available for preorder now.