Friday, 12 November 2010

The Guardians, Andrew Pyper: So Scary You'll Bury the Book After Reading it

Warning: Reading this book may
make you fill your pants.
I don't often read ghost/horror stories. When I was younger I read a few Stephen King books and they all seemed to be the same, and before that I was a kid and read kid's ghost stories. So this is the first ghost story I have read for quite a while.

The Guardians, initially seemed to be a derivative traditional ghost story. There is a haunted house, a group of childhood friends who share a terrible secret and a dark force brooding in the background. And to begin with I thought it was going to be formulaic and rubbish.

But then Andrew Pyper started insidiously slipping into my mind, and my unease grew with each chapter (I think this is a good thing for a horror story), until reading it before I went to sleep got difficult to cope with. I wasn't just fearing for the main characters but for myself (I mean what is that weird ticking in the bedroom that only happens when I turn off the light?*)

But still I read it and I read it fast. Much faster than I'd normally read a book. I put this down to the skill at story telling that Andrew Pyper has.

But it still felt formulaic. It concludes in a fairly predictable way. But does it really matter given that the story is told so well? I don't think so.

So The Guardians seems predictable but is so well told it will fill you with scarediness. Well it did me. You might be tougher than that.

The Guardians is out in February for about £7ish.

* Once the fear left me I guessed it was the light bulb cooling. Not the insane spirit of a former occupant of my flat trying to send me insane.