Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Rivers of London, Ben Aaronovitch: Oi Potter! You're Nicked!

Rivers of London is a fantasy adventure following the burgeoning career of a MET copper who finds out he is a bit magical and London has a more diverse group of criminals inhabiting it than he thought. The action starts pretty quickly, at the scene of a gruesome murder in Covent Garden. The copper, called Peter, is bored, standing in the rain, making sure no one has wild drunken sex on the crime scene.

Fortunately he spots a ghost who saw everything and soon he is tracking down a crazed supernatural killer, helped along by his perky female officer friend and his Master who teaches him in the ways of magic. His magic starts of rubbish (ooooooh, a glowing light) but gets quite good by the end (exploding apples and statue heads).

What has this to do with the rivers of London? Well I'm not going to reveal that but they do feature throughout the story and not just in damp, flowing watery way. There are lots of clues through the book to indicate 'who dun it' and you might be able to beat Peter to the punch and solve it. It culminates in an enjoyably bizarre and frantic conclusion.

No reason for this, I just thought it was freaky
Ben Aaronovitch has put together an enjoyable and exciting story that is easy to read. It is fantastically well researched, from the places mentioned (including my manor Chertsey!), to the historical details and how to do real magic (ok, the last one is a lie).

If you enjoy coppers, fantasy, coppers and fantasy (not like that you pervert) or just books where the main character gets brushed by female body parts a fair bit (you can perv now) you'll probably enjoy this book. I like fantasy, coppers and female body parts so I think it is a pretty damn good book.

Rivers of London is out in January and will cost about £9ish.