Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Chrimble Presents

Having finally gotten over the ubiquitous cough that has lasted as long as the snow I finally feel like writing a blog post. And what's better than a list of my book Chrimble presents. Well probably quite a lot but you're getting the list.

1. Handmade Leather Notebook
Not really available on the internet as it was crafted by a wizened old troll and sold to Lauren at one of the fleeting Christmas fairs around Woking. It has a lovely to touch leather cover and is full of thick, spongy pages ready for me to fill up. Probably with pictures of zombies. Lots and lots of zombies.

2. The Complete Essays Michel de Montaigne
All of life's problems solved, or at least talked about by some French bloke in 1570-something. But look at the beard*, you know what he says has to be right just because of that. This is the first book I have mistaken for a yoga mat. It's a long story. (Ok, my mum hid it in a yoga mat box and I was very confused and grumpy about getting a yoga mat for Christmas)

* My cover has a picture of Montaigne on with a fabulous beard. Buy the book for this alone.

3 The Four Skulduggery Pleasant Books I Don't Own
You may be wondering why I'm still reading books for kids and the fact is Skulduggery Pleasant has a hidden message which all adults should appreciate. And that is Skulduggery Pleasant is awesome. To be honest it isn't that hidden. But anyway, I've got four more books with rather incredible illustrated covers of a skeleton dressed like a pimp throwing fire balls. Inside is lots of text about a skeleton dressed like a pimp throwing fireballs. I find it all embarrassingly good fun. Is it really sad to play the website's secret games as well?

4 Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy
My brother said it is one of the best books he has ever read. And it has cowboys in it. I'm sure to love it. Yeeeha! Though I do hope no one actually says yeeeha! in it. Yeeeha doesn't seem to be authentically cowboy to me anymore.

5 The Grudge by Tom English
If I'm not watching people display amazing skill and also sneakily try to hurt other people on the rugby pitch I quite enjoy reading about it. Even if the book has a quote from John Inverdale on the front. And a picture of a superior, smirking, Will Carling. Mainly because I know England lose the match and that makes it all worth while. One of the first rugby matches I can really remember, which is a bit strange as it didn't involve Wales. I'm looking forward to tales of how bright Jim Telfer's face goes.

And finally a lovely moleskine pocket book. So I can write important information down. Or sneakily draw more zombies.

Hope you got some decent presents at Chrimble.