Sunday, 30 January 2011

Wasted by Nicola Morgan: Not as Many Drunks as I Expected

Wasted, a book about luck and fate. Two teenagers meet and the course of their life together is decided on the flip of a coin. At each spin something good or bad can happen, for all but one flip the choice is made for the reader. But for that final flip, the one with everything hanging on it, you'll need a coin.

Wasted is an enjoyable read. Pretty much every character in it is well drawn, from the teenagers Jess and Jack to the cat Spike. Though I felt Jess's dad was a bit 2D, but he's not in it much so it could have been from lack of text time (I just made that up).

Jess is a 17 year old girl trying to decide what to do with her future, wanting to go to music college but feeling held back by her mum. Jack is 18, plays in a band and needs a lead singer urgently and so their worlds collide.

Around them are various other characters, the rest of the band, Jess's alcoholic mother, Jack's tolerant dad, a gang of evil slappers. Each of them have a role to play in influencing Jess and Jack's life directly and indirectly. That is one of the great strengths of the book, how it shows things can indirectly affect you. For all the worry that Jack, Jess and everyone else does the events that have the most affect on them are the ones they couldn't compensate for.

As I said it is an enjoyable read. the story moves along nicely though there were a couple of points were it went on a little too much about the difficulty with making a decision/guessing an outcome or how dangerous Jack was.

Definitely worth a read though. And the band in it has a great name. The cat is the most realistic cat in literature I've read about as well. There should be some kind of prize for that.

Wasted by Nicola Morgan is a YA (if you are into categories) and costs about a fiver.

You will really need a coin before the end of it.