Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Grudge: Scotland vs. England by Tom English: A Story About Scotland Winning

Doesn't Will Carling look smug?
I like rugby. I like watching little men running around big men and making them look silly. I like watching big men running over the top of little men in revenge. I like wondering about all the unseen cheating and nasty things that are said in the scrum. Rugby is good. This book is all about rugby, in particular the 1990 5 Nations match between Scotland and England. And a bit about poll tax and Margaret Thatcher (horrible woman).

It is a very good book, Tom English has spent a lot of time with all the players and coaches involved and covers their history and what made them the people they are. It then establishes the scene the match is played against, with a Tory government (booooooo!) using Scotland as a testing ground for  the Poll Tax. You even get a little bit about the ref. It's all very interesting especially if you are like me and old enough to remember the match but didn't realise the importance it gained in the media at the time.

The Grudge is for sale now for about £7.