Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Demon Collector, Jon Mayhew: The Reading of Which Gave Me Riddle Envy

Something about the cover says EVIL
Firstly, The Demon Collector is a great looking book. I've got the hardback, all that's available at the moment also available as an eBook, and it has an evil grinning demon skull on the fiery front and has black-edged pages. It seems to be bursting with demonic power.

The Demon Collector follows the adventures of Edgy Taylor, a boy whose first job is collecting dog poo. But Edgy is no normal dog poo collector, he can see demons. He draws the attention of the Society of Daemonologie and in particular Envry Janus.

Soon they are investigating the whereabouts of a particular arch-demon, while Edgy is stalked by other demons, only keeping ahead due to his prowess at answering riddles. Riddles are like 'the force' for demons.

The Demon Collector rattles along at a good pace and things get a lot more complicated as it develops, much more than you'd think given the black and white slant the world is given at the start. It's good to read a book like this where things aren't so easily divided into good and evil.

I just wish I could come up with a riddle...

What has an ear but is as deaf as a post,
Can be found on your feet when you've walked the most?

See, I'm rubbish at making up riddles.

The Demon Collector is available now for about £7.