Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Mortlock, Jon Mayhew: It had my Guts for Garters

Full of guts.
Sorry for the long break, we moved house, as you might know if you read our blog about writing. So here is the next book review, there should be quite a few coming up as even though we haven't been reviewing we've been reading!

Mortlock is the spooky horror tale, the first book by Jon Mayhew (the second is The Demon Collector that I reviewed down below). To be honest when I say the word Mortlock I think or Grandpa Simpson. But that's Matlock. Matlock Mortlock; Mortlock Matlock. I'm not sure what I'm going on about either.

It follows the adventures of two orphaned twin children, Josie and Alfie, left a message by Josie's dying guardian to find the Amarant, a plant with power over life and death. Chased by three ghuls, hideous women/giant crows that enjoy tearing out people's guts when not chasing the children, Josie and Alfie find their list of allies shrinking and their enemies growing.

Josie and Alfie are great characters to follow. Josie is a dead-eye knife thrower from her time working as a magicians assistant and Alfie can raise the dead for reasons that are revealed in the book (I'm not going to tell you. Stop asking!). But their enemies, the ghuls, really make the book. You'll never look at a crow in the same way again. Those beady eyes watching you.


Waiting to eat your guts.

Mortlock is an exciting, scary, gory read. Kids'll love it.

Mortlock can be found for about a fiver.