Sunday, 25 September 2011

How I Escaped My Certain Fate by Stewart Lee: He Deconstructs Himself

How I Escaped My Certain Fate is a must read for anyone with an interest in:

  1. Stand up comedy.
  2. Stewart Lee.
  3. Wool.
It's sort of autobiographical walk-through of  3 stand-up routines Stewart Lee toured after the Jerry Springer Opera got choked to death by religious controversy and gits. Each routine is prefaced with a description of what was going on in Stewart's life before and during the tour so that you can see how these events influenced his material. 

Then the gig is transcribed. And with the transcription comes the footnotes. 70%+ of this book is footnotes. Stewart (I like writing Stewart, it's like I know him...(STALKER)) goes into great detail explaining jokes, influences, what he's trying to achieve and any other thing that occurred to him while writing out the gig text. It gives an amazing insight into the work that goes into stand-up comedy (some of it anyway).

At the end of the book there's a section of small apendices that cover some random, interesting things. Even a poem!

How I escaped My Certain Fate is an interesting, funny read. It costs about £12.