Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Politics of Down Syndrome, by Kieron Smith

Disclaimer: Kieron Smith is my uber-boss at work! I'll try to keep the sycophancy to a minimum.

 So The Politics of Down Syndrome is a non-fiction book looking at how down syndrome is addressed throughout society. I'll admit I got the book because my boss wrote it, but you could have probably guessed that by the sparsity of reviews of other non-fiction books on here.

The opening chapter jumps around a little as if the author is trying to get a handle on the subject. After that it breaks down into five chapters that are well written, with the right amount of detail to make a point but not bog you down. There isn't reams of technical or medical details just a well thought our discussion on down syndrome.

The public health and education policy chapters are particularly illuminating and left me both quite depressed and angry. I was left with the feeling that the major problem anyone with down syndrome suffers from is one forced on them by government and society.

This is an interesting, thought provoking read for anyone, particularly prospective parents.

The Politics of Down Syndrome is available now for about £7.