Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Inferior by Peadar O' Guilin: Superior

The inferior tells the story of Stopmouth a stuttering teenager who belongs to a tribe humans caught in an endless struggle with several alien tribes. Stopmouth is mocked for his stutter by his tribe and his older brother set to marry the girl he loves. Things aren't great for him but he has grown to accept his place in the trivbe. Then things get crazy!

As the human tribe fights with the alien tribes around them giant silver globes float above, serenely. Suddenly the globes start to fight one another, and a beautiful woman falls from one of them. Stopmouth is left having to choose between her and his tribe...while several of the alien tribes form an alliance, somehow they've learned each others language, and they want to kill and eat the humans.

Stopmouth is an engaging character. He does a lot of horrific things throughout the story but so much of it is driven by the culture and environment he lives in you end up liking him despite of it. As the story progresses more and more parts of the puzzle of this culture and environment are provided, more and more hints are given to the true nature of the world he lives in. A world that is horrific. But for all the terrible violent and disturbing things that happen, from the strangest aliens and how they kill you to how Stopmouth's tribe trade the old and weak humans for meat with the alien tribes, each has a point and isn't just there to keep you reading, wondering who dies next.

Though you might wonder that.

The Inferior is a brilliantly imagined horrible world that'll keep you reading for the right reasons. The only drawback I had with it is that I didn't know it was the first in a trilogy so I was quite annoyed by the cliff hanger ending.

The Inferior is out now for about £6.