Friday, 15 June 2012

The Bonehill Curse by Jon Mayhew: Just the Djinn and Tonic I Needed

The Bonehill Curse is the third (and supposedly final?) book from the horrific world of Mortlock and The Demon Collector. It follows Necessity Bonehill, fearless tomboy bully, as she sets about unleashing and then trying to rebottle a fearsome Djinni. She romps (in a good way!) across the world on boats and magic carpets, fighting and arguing with annoying boys and the Djinns relentless minions. Eventually she's forced to confronts her true destiny and turns into a nice girl.

Here you'll find Jon Mayhew's usual mix of action, fun and horror. There's also the usual cameos from some of the characters that appeared in Mortlock and The Demon Collector. The story rattles on at just the right pace and for me this was the most enjoyable of the three books; it really captures the essence of a lot of the olden day films that Jon says influenced it.

The only thing I didn't like is that it came in paperback so doesn't match my copies of Mortlock and The Demon Collector.

Go read it.

The Bonehill Curse is available now for about £6.